Super Tux Adventures

Instruction :

WASD : Moving Direction
L : Jump
K : Throw weapon
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Description :

Tux has adventures, inside castle there are doors that lead to another dimension of adventure world. His task is to collect gems that every world has 3 gems. However only a gem is visible on each attempt. so he needs to enter the doors 3 times to complete the mission.

More gems he try to collect, he will face the tough adventure. Enemies has already waiting there ! Explore the worlds and Tux will always find new challenges that needs some trick to solve it. Collect coins as many as possible, there is a shop next to castle, purchase additional weapon and energy drink with the coins that have been collected before.

Walkthroughs, (warning: spoiler)

Door1 First gem can be taken easily without special trick, the second gem is located underwater, you have to dive to take it. The last gem is on high place, you need to find a ladder and put it on the right place to reach it

Door2 One gem is covered by metal block, you have to find something that can break them.

Door3 Everything is getting serious now, you will face many traps before can reach the gems. New stuff you will get is spring to make you do a super jump to reach the gem. Also you have to dive very long, don't try without an oxygen tank.

Door4 You will get a puzzle here, need a trick to collect all gems. Items on this world in oxygen tank, dynamite and spring.

the next doors are under development

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