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Super Mario series are legendary games by Nintendo. This game influence so many game developers inlcuding me. Now I'll share my lite completed source code of a Super Mario Android game. The game was built on top of Libgdx.


Update , 11/3 2016 :

  • Performance improvements
  • Move to gradle based project


screenshot 1


screenshot 2


APK : Download

Full Source Code : Download  




Setup the project

Extract the Zip file, edit these files to set the correct values based on your system:


  1. Edit to define your android SDK location
  2. Edit android/build.gradle, check the value of buildToolsVersion, compileSdkVersion, and targetSdkVersion. Change them if not match with your current installed versions, see your installed version on Android SDK manager.


Then you can use Eclipse, Intellij, or Android Studio to develop.



  1. Install gradle plugin from here 
  2. File -> Import -> Gradle -> Gradle Project
  3. Follow this link to run the game


Intellij / Android studio

  1. File -> Open -> build.gradle
  2. Follow this link to run the game


Net Beans

  1. File -> Open Project...
  2. follow this link to run the game


Edit the assets

Fonts and sounds can be directly replaced in android/assets directory

To replace the images follow these steps:

  1. replace the images you want to change in desktop/raw_images
  2. Run or, depend on which IDE you are
  3. your new images now sould be inserted in pack.png under Android assets directory
  4. Refresh the projects and launch the game to see the changes.


Because of the copyright issue, if you intend to publish a game based on my source code above please make sure you replace ALL images with your own images.

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