Screen Transition Manager

Handling the complex screen transition of flash game or other flash application are so boring and repetitive works, especially if developed without flash authoring tool. Then I wrote and share a small general library that handle this job, below is the preview and it can be extended as complex as you like.  



The class usage is very simple, it just call a static method, one line only, new and old screen must derived from Sprite class. Don't forget to import the class :


import com.boontaran.transitions.TransManager;


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  1. TransManager.change(this, oldScreen, newScreen,TransManager.MASK_SQUARES);
  2. //params :
  3. // 1st : parent of screens
  4. // 2nd : old screen (sprite) to remove
  5. // 3rd : new screen
  6. // 4th : transition effect, explore for the complete effect list


It written using OOP practice then you can easily alter the animation to fit your need. Tweening engine I used was "Tweener".


Download the library

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